Kingsway Valuations Inc.

Having been fascinated by machinery from a young age, Vlad entering the world of automotive and special interest vehicles was all but inevitable. From wrenching on the cars of his grandfathers and uncles to operating tractors and combines, the die was cast. Neighbours with intriguing cars such as 1920s Rolls Royces and 1959 Skyliner convertibles furthered his interest.

Since the late 1980s Vlad has owned or restored over 100 different vehicles ranging from his first, a V45 Honda Sabre (with good cams!) to modern, supercharged, European performance vehicles. His personal collection has included many 1970-1971 ‘Cudas and Challengers, along with a range of domestic, European, British and Japanese cars and motorcycles from different eras.

After earning his Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration, Vlad funded his interests with a decades long career as a technology executive before pivoting to commercial mediation and arbitration. Vehicle valuation became a natural fit for his dispute resolution practice as it is commonly required in business matters as well as in the administration of wills, estates and separations.

Vlad is a licensed member of the Professional Association of Vehicle Evaluators (P.A.V.E.) and is co-chair of the Business and Commercial section of ADRIO, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario. He is a member of the ADR Institute of Canada, the American Bar Association, the International Law Association and the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society.

Vlad is able to offer his clients a wide range of services including appraisals, inspections, consulting, after-loss evaluations and dispute resolution. He has prepared a number of value analyses that have used to facilitate settlements and that have been accepted by the Ontario Courts.

At Kingsway, Vlad serves clients throughout the GTA and Southern Ontario.