Detailing is my passion. I’m quite meticulous with vehicles and it must be perfect in order to be complete.

I have been an avid automotive enthusiast, starting as a young lad in my early teens walking through classic car shows trying to decided what my favorite car was. My first vehicle was a third generation Camaro that I learned on, with help of a family friend, as to what it was like to paint a vehicle. I was hooked ever since.

Many hot rods and muscle cars since that first Camaro have helped me to learn and better understand the automobile industry. In the past 12 years I’ve been heavily involved in paint correction and detailing where I’ve dealt with various paints in many different formats. 

Quite often, I can be caught running a polisher trying to perfect a vehicle’s paint finish to get that flawless award winning gloss. I’m quite keen on 80’s, 90’s and modern muscle cars and hotrods. However there’s a small part of my heart that loves late 40’s to mid 50’s era vehicles that are such a grandiose feast for our eyes.

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