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Dean Renwick has been involved in the collector vehicle movement for over 60 years. He founded Canada’s largest special interest vehicle appraisal company – Antique & Classic Auto Appraisal Service in 1980, following a two-decade career in the Ontario general insurance industry.

Acting on his concern for a then lack of consumer protection within the appraisal industry he founded the Professional Association of Vehicle Evaluators Inc. (P.A.V.E.) in 1996 which continues to act as the appraisal industry’s Self-Regulating Organization (SRO).

Dean is experienced in appearing before Ontario Ministries and Courts on behalf of his clients to provide professional evidence on matters involving targeting of collector vehicle owners for “component and emissions non-compliance”; vehicle condition; valuation; diminished value; as well as providing his opinions on issues involving time/cost/quality of vehicle restoration projects.

Dean is the only vehicle evaluator who, during 1985 – 1994 maintained full membership in the Arbitration & Mediation Institute of Ontario enabling him to acquire Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) expertise.

Dean has appeared within the jurisdictions of Toronto, Brampton, Milton, and Guelph, Ontario as well as within the Province of Quebec where he has been duly qualified by the courts as an “Expert Witness”. Mr. Renwick has appeared on behalf of private individual clients as well as insurance company clients. In 2013 Mr. Renwick was retained by the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario to prepare documentation to successfully establish damages and value diminution resulting from odometer rollback fraud involving commercial trucks.

Dean is available to lecture on topics related to the evaluation, collection, and restoration of special interest vehicles, and is also available to act on a client’s behalf anywhere in the world.