(All our members abide by our Code of Ethics)

Each member who holds a valid “Certification Licence” issued by the Professional Association of Vehicle Evaluators agrees to uphold and comply with the following Minimum Standards of Business Practice which are hereinafter known as the P.A.V.E. Code of Ethics.

The Licencee agrees to act honestly, in good faith, and in the best interest of those who are relying upon their evaluation reports and professional expertise.

Licensees shall keep themselves well-informed on current market conditions and trends in order to be in a position to knowledgeably counsel their Clients.

When asked to make a formal appraisal of a vehicle, the Licencee shall render an opinion only after careful and thorough analysis and interpretation of all factors affecting the value of the vehicle.

The Licencee shall ascertain and disclose all pertinent facts regarding each vehicle appraised.

The Licencee shall physically inspect each vehicle for which he is asked to complete an evaluation report unless a vehicle is physically not available for inspection, and this fact is noted in the Licencee’s report.

The Licencee shall physically inspect and accurately record vehicle serial numbers from the vehicle data plates, and if such data plates are physically not available, the reference to vehicle serial numbers shall be identified in the Licencee’s report as having originated from ownership or licencing documents and not from the vehicle itself.

The Licencee agrees to accurately record component identification and/or serial numbers, and to comment when appropriate, on “matching numbers” or otherwise.

It is solely the Licencee’s responsibility to develop the value stated in any appraisal report, and the determination of such value shall not be determined by a vehicle owner or Client.

The Licencee agrees that each evaluation report shall include the purpose for the completion of said report and further, that a set of photographs taken by the

Licencee at the time of inspection, and which accurately depict the vehicle shall be attached to, and form part of, the complete evaluation report.

The Licencee shall not undertake to make an appraisal nor express an opinion of value or condition that is outside the field of their experience unless these facts are fully disclosed to the Client in the Report, or the Licencee confers with, and obtains the assistance of, a person experienced with such types of vehicle prior to preparing the report.

The Licencee recognizes that an appraisal constitutes a professional service for which the Licencee shall make a fair charge, but under no circumstances shall any charge be made which is contingent upon the amount of value reported.