RoadShow Automotive Appraisals

Bruce Farrow brings decades of “hands-on” experience to the appraisal business, starting his working life training as a heavy equipment technician – which branched out into specialization in Porsche engine building and restorations of historic Porsches. This resulted in many first place show winners at Porsche Club of America (PCA) Concours d’Elegance. Because of this demonstrated performance at a high technical level, in 1985 he was asked by the largest insurance brokerage in Ontario to prepare valuation appraisals of Porsches for insurance purposes. Thus began his “appraisal” business – establishing the RoadShowAuto Appraisals brand. Since that time – business has expanded to all brands of cars, commercial vehicles and farm equipment
Meanwhile, on the academic side – he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in architecture and a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences while working at Transport Canada Airports – Ontario. Bruce’s professional experience includes construction and development, with specialization in computer analysis and graphics for aircraft noise mitigation, groundwater contamination and world-wide airport environmental planning.
Bruce obtained his SVRA/CASC Racing License in 1990 and CASC/FIA Professional Race Licence in 1998. Subsequently, Bruce began conducting Technical Inspections for the Upper Canada Region (UCR) of PCA. Recently appointed Chief Judge of PCA /UCR and Judge for the National Porsche Classic Dealer Competition by Porsche Cars Canada.
Starting in 1985, Bruce has handled all types of professional appraisal work – bringing a unique approach and in many cases using advanced sampling, testing, quantitative analysis, and display technologies. Experience in depth as an expert witness in court, after-loss actual cash valuations, denials of claims, and estate valuations – as well as the more common insurance appraisals and retail sale tax appraisals.