PROFESSIONALis not only the first word in our name; but it is also an accurate description of the level of service provided by all members of the Professional Association of Vehicle Evaluators Inc., P.A.V.E.

P.A.V.E. is a Canadian organization with a mandate to qualify, train, license, regulate, discipline and insure vehicle appraisers. P.A.V.E. is governed by an experienced, expert Board of Advisors and has a Peer Review Committee to ensure that a high level of product quality control and ethical behaviour as defined by the P.A.V.E. Code of Ethics is followed

P.A.V.E. is the only source of vehicle appraiser licensing in Ontario. P.A.V.E. members have a broad range of vehicle expertise from new cars and trucks, to modified rat rods and pick-ups, classic cars of all ages, to post-war collectibles combined with a wide range of appraisal expertise including the preparation of basic insurance appraisals, after-loss valuations,  disputes with insurance companies, diminished value negotiations, and expert witness experience in courts appearing for various matters including divorce and estate valuations and  restoration shop disputes.

Since 2000 P.A.V.E. has ensured both its members and appraisal consumers are protected under a unique Professional Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance program.  In 2019 P.A.V.E.’s unique group insurance program to which all licensed members subscribe was expanded to include Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) coverage, and Directors and Officers (D&O) protection. 

P.A.V.E. members are totally independent.  Our clients include private individuals, members of the legal professional, the federal Canadian Cultural Heritage Export Review Board (CCPERB), and insurance companies.

P.A.V.E. was founded in 1996 by Dean Renwick who remains President and Chief Executive of P.A.V.E.