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An Ontario Court Judge has stated that "T-Shirt vendors in Toronto are better regulated than Paralegals". To paraphrase the Judge, those "T-Shirt vendors have, up to recently, been better regulated than collectible vehicle appraisers". Until 1999 there was no formal regulatory and licensing body for the vehicle appraisal industry. That left Consumers at the complete mercy of anyone who chose to hang out their "shingle" and offer their services as a so-called "appraiser".

In the Province of Ontario, for example, many of these individuals who possess widely varying levels of competence and integrity, have attempted to create an illusion of competence in the minds of ill-informed Consumers as they advertised themselves as being "Government licenced" when in reality, there is no such credential available.

What these individuals were actually alluding to was not a licence of competency, but rather an Ontario Ministry of Finance "Registration Number" which merely permitted these individuals to complete Ministry-supplied, single-sheet, "check-off-the box" reports detailing such rudimentary information as whether the vehicle had two or four doors, or whether it was equipped with a standard AM-FM radio, or an AM-FM with cassette, in order to enable purchasers of substandard motor vehicles to pay retail sales tax based on a lesser value than that determined by the Ministry's previously recorded average of sale values for similar vehicles.

Obviously, the appraisal industry's lack of regulation was attractive to those individuals who were looking to operate with little or no ethics or credibility. In 1996 a group of professional appraisers in Ontario decided that they could no longer stand by and see Consumers being misled and defrauded, in one startling case for an amount of One Hundred Thousand Dollars!

This dedicated group began the process of founding the industry's own self-regulatory organization (SRO); known as the Professional Association of Vehicle Evaluators, or P.A.V.E.

"The only thing more expensive than hiring a professional is hiring an amateur"

Red Adair -- Oil well Fire-fighter

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